Step by Step –from prototype to small production batch

Our internal professional team with dedicated expertise, such as Milling-turned Machining and other advanced technology combined with traditional industrial technology, to provide you with one-stop from rapid prototyping to small batch production services. Are you having a headache for the next project? Let us do it for you.

Test your new product or part before taking it to production with a rapid prototype. Your prototype will allow you to test form and function while ensuring it has been designed appropriately for manufacturing. Creating a prototype saves you time and money in the long run。

Our team can work with you to make your prototype in as little as three days using a range of services like Milling-turned MachiningCNC machiningplastic injection moldingSLA/SLSand vacuum casting. All finishing services are also available to ensure your part looks great.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

Have your low-volume manufacturing parts made fast. We can make up to 100,000+ parts either one time or on a regular basis. Over time, if your tool needs replacing, we will replace it for free. Manufacturing in low volumes is an ideal solution for managing your inventory and testing the market before producing larger quantities.

Services includeplastic injection moldingCNC machiningMilling-turned Machining and pressure die casting.We also provide all finishing servicesto ensure your product looks great.

Personal Service

“I have been spending most of my time in our manufacturing facility. I give you my personal guarantee that you will receive the most professional and personal service from my engineers from receipt of your initial enquiry to the successful delivery of your parts. If you are not completely satisfied, or if you just want to ask some questions, contact me and I will get back to you.”

– Louis Luo, CEO and Founder