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Project engineer
QC inspector

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Company profile

JC Rapid is located in shenzhen baoan district north Fang Yongfa science and technology park, is a British quick planks and rapid tooling of the rapid development of the company.The jingchuang hand-board model company within 30 days can be in 3 to produce planks and small mould products, and 97% for export.The company also has sales offices in other countries around the world, such as the United States, Britain, India, etc.The jingchuang hand-board model for the domestic and foreign customers to provide all-weather, including Chinese and English, a variety of language services.

The company benefits:

  1. Provide free meals and lodging (Chinese food and western food, taste delicious, dormitory have wireless network), rent and provide rent subsidies;
  2. buying five social insurance and one housing fund, the company provide supplemental commercial insurance;
  3. Every year, the company organizes collective tourism activities and the annual check-up, traditional festivals to issue the corresponding gifts or gift;
  4. Work five days a week for eight hours and overtime pay according to provisions of labor law (1.5 times at ordinary times, 2 times over the weekend, holiday 3 times).
  5. Year-end bonuses, by the end of each year for the annual salary increase;
  6. Employees shall enjoy the annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, funeral leave, sick leave and other paid off;
  7. A variety of amateur life, such as: fellowship basketball games, KTV, employee birthday party, barbecue, and so on;
  8. Have the corresponding professional skills training, and foreign language training;
  9. The country work, regardless of the time limit, the chance changing jobs and pay in advance

Project engineer

Release date: on December 30, 2016

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Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for checking the product drawings and clear product technical standard, the new project meeting with the supplier;

2.Responsible For offering customers DFM (Design For Manufacturing), with the customer to confirm open mold information and product Design optimization;

3.To complete the project product information confirmed, mold processing, distributed to the supplier email, phone or on-site emphasis on product and mould confirmation, the supplier is clear all the project information;

4.Track the mold production, and regularly report to the customer, in case of customer to change the design, timely communication with suppliers to find new solutions, to meet customer requirements;

5.After the samples sent, tracking and feedback in time, make a plan to deal with problems, communicate with customer to confirm the feasibility of the solution at the same time, in order to solve the problems in the process of the project;

6.Sample confirmation, the first production of the whole process of tracking and follow-up production technical support, including product packaging style design, quality control, delivery and shipment arrangements, found suspects or problems need to supplier site for assistance;

7.Responsible for the change mould quotation and follow-up (ECN);

8.The temporary work dealing with superiors.

Job requirements:

1.Have very strong English reading and writing ability, oral English at least can use English to communicate with customers about the product mould and product technology.

2.College degree or above, engaged in injection molding industry for more than 2 years;

3.Familiar with injection mould structure, mould processing process and injection molding process, understand the fuel injection, silk screening, plating process;

4.To solve the common defects in injection molding process;

5.Clear thinking, good communication ability, can bear hardships and stand hard work, can work under great pressure and challenge;

6.Experience in rapid tooling and will play basketball is preferred.

QC inspector

Release date: on December 30, 2016

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Job responsibilities:

1、tic products, hardware, testing or plank product inspection;

2、assist in sample size standards inspection file.

3、Exception handling.Quality abnormal analysis, judgement, processing and feedback.

4、Measuring instrument maintenance;

5、For the other temporary matters.

Job requirements:

1、Experience in hardware, plastic products detection;

2、Skilled use measurement tools such as micrometer, height gauge, projector, will use the CMM three yuan is preferred;

3、Strong communication ability and team cooperation ability;