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What is the small batch production?

Whether you are a month hundreds or thousands of product demand, we can satisfy your small batch production.If you are a regular need to small batch products or your business scale in a mass, and so our this kind of production mode is very suitable for you.JC Rapid will be for small batch production to make your product to market faster.

From the initial design review and offer to the inspection and shipment, our every step of the project team will keep close cooperation with you.So please don't hesitate, Contact us immediatelyFriendly team for your next project for free quotation.


More than 100000 pieces of mass production

The advantage of small batch processing

Many clients are for small batch of production , because this kind of customized production can make them more flexible in terms of small batch demand , design changes , marketing promotion and cost saving , especially in cooperating with JC Rapid for your next new projects , with going proceeding JC Rapid production system , you can fulfill your design into real product in a very short period of time , then we can make customized production for you immediately with getting approval from you which indeed can save a lot of time as you expected . .

	Small batch production injection mold

Small batch production injection mold

Small batch processing services

with owing advanced equipment in house including high precision and multiple-axis CNC machinery , injection molding , Milling-turned Machining etc…… , JC Rapid can provide the best service to all our customers .

Injection molding

Injection molding solution is fit for the production of tens of thousands of plastic parts demand . with applying this kind of process , various of resin can be alternatives in term of request of material characteristic.

Milling-turned Machining

We use high-tech imported 3D metal printer devices for Milling-turned Machining service , and original material can be multiple options , such as Titanium alloy , Aluminum alloy , stainless steel and so on .

Die casting molding

Die casting production can be suitable for manufacturing more than Aluminum alloy , Zinc alloy and Magnesium alloy casting products , We use CNC and EDM for tooling steel machining and making hard molds shortly .

CNC machining

With the import of 3, 4 and 5 axis With the import of multiple axis CNC machining centers , skilled masters in JC Rapid can use CNC milling machines and lathe for aluminum alloy , stainless steel , mild steel , brass , titanium alloy , magnesium alloy and a variety of plastic materials for processing .


We have a series of Post-processing services , we are committed to achieve what you want in terms of product appearance and touch feeling and so on .


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If you are ready to start planning your project, welcome to our consultation or upload your CAD document Get free quote.We will do our best to support your project and make product to market faster solution is put forward.


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