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Injection molding

son high quality injection molding and mold manufacturing.Injection molding is the most commonly used in the field of industrial production so far way, especially for mass production.JC Rapid provide suitable for 50 to more than 100000 pieces of various products manufacturing and processing services, all project requirements.For more information or injection molding immediately Contact us for quotationAnd start your next project.

What is injection molding?

Plastic injection molding is refers to the plastic particles melt into liquid, and then to squeeze the liquid into the cavity of the mould.Injected into the shape of the plastic will keep the mold cavity and cavity wall surface texture.After setting the optimization of injection molding and cooling stage, the curing ejection molding plastic products, mass products manufactured in this cycle the processing steps.Molding cycle according to different product size and product design, molding resin, can be from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Injection molding

Injection molding – Vehicle Connector

The advantage of injection molding

  • Selection of thousands of kinds of plastic injection molding materials, these materials have all kinds of engineering properties and appearance.
  • In view of the mass production, injection molding is more economic.If it is a small batch production, we suggest that according to the product characteristics adopts CNC, complex mode shape or Milling-turned Machining and other production methods.
  • A mould can injection thousands of products
  • Surface quality of the products have all kinds of polishing and texture effect to choose from
  • For a product contain a variety of different types of plastic, we will use a package plastic injection technology.The injection molding technology is suitable for light weight, corrosion resistance of the product.

injection molding – Auto parts

Mould manufacturing

Such as aluminum alloy 7075, hardening tool steel P20 and fully hardened tool steel H13, is the most commonly used material in the mould manufacturing.Choose to use what kind of material manufacture of moulds, depends on how you plan to make several large quantities of products.

Aluminum alloy mold

Aluminum alloy mold is one of the most rapid and economic die.Aluminum alloy hardness is weaker, suitable for small batch of mold production.And for mass production, very strong corrosion resin, there is a thin blade or bone or product structure, in order to strong and durable it is better to use hardness strong metal mold.

Steel mold

Relative to other moulds, steel moulds are very strong and durable, and long processing cycle.Steel mould is suitable for mass production or injection of those of higher plastic aluminum alloy mold corrosion and wear.

  • Pre hardened tool steels used for mass production of more than 100000.Depends on the different plastic raw materials and products of the complexity of the structure, JC Rapid use P20 Or steel NAK80 annealing.
  • Hardened tool steel is one of the most durable material, up to millions of times of injection molding production.H13 hardened steel is very suitable for mass production or injection of wear resistant engineering grade plastic.

One man, one die

Whether you are in a hurry to find a shorter way of injection molding? JC Rapid One man, one die (OMOM®) Processing way only need half of the traditional injection molding processing production cycle.But this kind of advanced processing methods also has some limitations, please visit here to see whether one mould is suitable for your next project.


Injection mold

The JC Rapid injection molding machine of the factory

JC Rapid injection molding machine of the factory

The product production

Using injection molding production, injection molding material selection of a series of polymer including some thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers.Mold manufacturing and injection molding process needs to be carefully designed to match the characteristics of each material, in order to achieve high quality of the finished product.Thermoplastics are relatively soft, more flexible, but durability is low, the material can be recycled.Thermosetting plastics are relatively hard, strong and durable but costs are higher, and once the molding can't repair or recycling.Browse our Bill of materials and Tolerance guideLearn more about injection molding material information.

Injection molding products

Injection molding products

Tolerance guide

Unless otherwise specified, we apply to DIN 16742 standard injection molding mold.We need to know in advance your request, in order to adjust the key parameters in the processing and molding process.In general, you specify the exact characteristics cannot be more than one, but this characteristic can be repeated in the product.

The feasibility analysis

Ensure product manufacturability in the product development process is very important.If you don't know if this product after put into production will likely face the problem of cost and time limit for a project.JC Rapid experienced molding engineer Wrote his first white paper on common problems in design and injection molding, this is also the first About the sink marksThis aspect of the report.。

Color consistency

Molding color consistency in the challenge: color consistency is a difficult in injection molding, especially in the need to make sure that the assembly product color identical cases, this is especially prominent.

You ready for your next project?

After received your CAD drawing files, JC Rapid professionals will be to evaluate the manufacturability of product design.Our engineers according to your design will confirm the draft again, the product thickness, circular arc Angle and material type and other factors.Our engineers will also judge the correctness of the choice of materials, combined with suitable for the design of the material, to ensure that your next project to reach even exceed your expectations. Free access to offer

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