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Vacuum compounding mold is based on a prototype mould replication products manufacturing, low cost and stable product quality.Vacuum compounding mold is very suitable for fast engineering testing, proof of concept design, sales and presentation, etc.

JC Rapid professional manufacturing team in mold production, can be made in a short time, the intensity of up to 50 items of silicone mold, fine model to manufacture the product surface treatment.

What is a polyurethane Vacuum compounding mold?

Vacuum compounding mold, first of all, the use of CNC machining or other way of rapid prototyping manufacturing of prototype parts, and then on the basis of the prototype parts manufacture silicone mold.

The advantages of Vacuum compounding mold

Vacuum compounding mold is one of the most ideal small batch mode of rapid manufacturing:

  • Don't have a high initial cost of manufacturing molds
  • Mold copy reduction degree is high, the product surface detail, with just a few or no need post-processing
  • A lot of different forming polymer materials to choose from, can modulate the color of the need in accordance with the requirements
  • Prototype parts production, die within a few days can be completed
  • Mold strength can meet 50 times production
  • Plastic bags for different material and hardness of plastic molding

The vacuum process

The first step: To make prototype parts

  • First of all, we need a prototype or samples.Samples can be made from any material stability, provided by the customer or JC Rapid made use of 3 d printing way.
  • Common prototype parts made of plastic or metal materials, the only requirement is that the material need to be able to under the high temperature of 40 ℃ to maintain the stability of a certain period of time.
  • We are going to prototype a suspended in a casting box, and then poured into the silicone.After pouring box is placed in an oven heated to 40 ℃, until the silica gel solidified completely.
  • Will be fully cured silicone mold cut along the parting line, take out the prototype parts.

The second step: Use of mould manufacturing products

  • In the process of mould manufacturing, our technical workers around the perimeter of the prototype parts design a lot of fine holes.These holes in the molding process can have the effect of exhaust.
  • The prototype parts was removed, the silicone mold will form a cavity, the cavity shape and prototype are the same.
  • We can according to your design requires the use of various complex material injection mold in the mold cavity.Cavity is filled up, put the mould in a vacuum environment to air in the cavity and and make liquid silicone filling mold of each position, to ensure the product shape of complex mode out entirely consistent with the prototype parts.
  • Finally die again into the oven curing, so as to eventually get strong stable prototype replica.


Complex mode product tolerance mainly depends on the accuracy of prototype parts, selection of geometric structure of the product and manufacturing materials.In general, 0.15% of the shrinkage is acceptable.


Can have hundreds of compound die material Design choice, can achieve different hardness and surface texture.Complex mode of product can be completely transparent or translucent, also can be completely transparent, can meet the design requirements.


JC Rapid provide a series of plank post-processingServices in place to ensure that products fully meet your expectations.Our post-processing including sandblasting, painting, polishing, spray sand, drilling, tapping and thread hole, pad printing, screen printing and so on.We have professional Qc team who can monitor products , and JC Rapid is ISO certified company。

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After received your CAD drawing files, JC Rapid professionals will be to evaluate the manufacturability of product design.Our engineers according to your design will confirm the draft again, the product thickness, circular arc Angle and material type and other factors.Our engineers will also judge the correctness of the choice of materials, combined with suitable for the design of the material, to ensure that your next project to reach even exceed your expectations. Free access to offer

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