Die casting molding

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Die casting mould manufacturing

JC Rapid provides complete die-casting service for you, including mold manufacturing, die-casting molding and finishing services.JC Rapid die-casting molding products not only meet the export, as well as the domestic price is the best.When you submit the product design to us, our engineers will make process feasibility analysis.

What is a die-casting molding?

Die-casting molding is suitable for the production of large quantities of metal products, product has good surface finish, high dimensional stability.Die casting molding materials can choose aluminum alloy, zinc alloy or magnesium alloy.

The advantages of die casting molding

  • Die casting molding mould cost is high, the difficulty is big, but for mass production, the product cost is very low.
  • Surface finish and dimensional stability is very satisfying.
  • Complex products do not need or only need a small amount of reprocessing.
  • Traditional die-casting molding the process is suitable for processing speed slow, high cost of large size products.

Made of H12 steel die mold


Die casting legs

Die casting manufacturing process

We will first two cavities put inside a larger mold base, loaded after die casting machine.Molten metal liquid is under pressure, after the runner and gate injected into the cavities.For filling is completed, the punch die casting machine again higher pressure to press the metal closely together, to form the final shape of the product.Through the cavities in the cooling water channel for rapid cooling and solidification of product, finally open the mould and use the thimble will products out of the cavity.Repeat this process, complete die-casting molding large quantities of products.

To make a good mold, so as to realize the high quality products, we need to pay special attention to some key parts products.Including the thickness of the product, the draft Angle, sprue gate, the location of the parting line and thimble marks and so on.


Mold material –In most projects, we use the Rockwell hardness of 42-48 die steel H13.Can also use other special material according to customer requirements.

Die casting products material –Choose the right material is crucial to the success of the project.We use the magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy or zinc alloy to make die casting products.Material selection depends on a number of factors, including cost, weight, and the engineering application, etc.Our team will help you choose the most suitable material.

  • Aluminum alloy die casting: suitable for high strength, complicated structure, but light weight of the product.Aluminum alloy including ADC12 to choose from, A380, ADC10, andA413。
  • Zinc alloy die casting parts for high ductility, need to electroplating.Choice of zinc alloys including zinc 3# andZn 5#。
  • Mg alloy die casting in the lightweight components for high strength weight ratio.Can choose AZ91D magnesium alloy.

Surface finishing

JC Rapid provides suitable for a variety of different products Post-processing technology, including sanding, polishing, spray paint, spray, electrophoresis, pad printing, screen printing, anode oxidation and mechanical processing and other services, our team will according to product features the rationalization proposal is put forward.

Quality inspection

JC Rapid standard quality control team for each product strict inspection, never compromise on quality.We are investing heavily in the introduction of a series of advanced testing equipment, to ensure that the die casting products truly meet the requirements of materials.JC Rapid plank is ISO certified company, we have the ability for each batch of products to provides material test certificate.

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