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SLA and SLS rapid prototyping

JC Rapid provided the SLA and SLS services for you to print a series of plastic products and models.The manufacture process of product is mainly used for engineering test or as a model to the prototype, etc.The SLA and SLS helps designers and quickly create those traditional way reducing material processing cannot get complex shape product.If it is metal products, can choose us DMLM 3 d metal printing services

What is the SLA and SLS

The SLA (stereo light curing stereolithography) was the first known as 3 d printing material molding technology.This technique is to use a special plastic liquid react with ultraviolet (UV) and the formation of a solid forming method.Products after programming design gradually solidified layers under uv light irradiation.

SLS (stereo laser sintering solid laser sintering) is a way of rapid manufacturing of plastic models, raw material for fine powder.Through programming the laser to burn into layers of solid plastic powder, layer upon layer overlay burning-out into final product.Products within the 3 d printer a workbench forming, through application of workbench falling distance for fine control, to ensure uniform configuration, each layer of powder thickness.

The advantage of the SLA and SLS forming

The two technologies all have their advantages and disadvantages, when choosing to pay attention to consider the design of the product requirements.

  • The SLA molding product surface smooth, less bit rough.The production cycle is relatively long, however, is not suitable for mass production.
  • SLS forming the surface of a product is relatively rough, the need for reprocessing.But SLS short production cycle, make product intensity is higher than the SLA products, more suitable for engineering of functional test of products.
  • Compared with traditional injection molding process, the two technologies of product more save cost, do not need to make solid mould.
  • General SLA and SLS product wall thickness of 0.3 mm, lateral deviation of 0.1 mm.
  • Have all the 3 d printing product should have the advantage: traditional reduction of material manufacturing process can be implemented complex structured products out of reach.


We provide ABS, nylon and other engineering plastic raw materials made of SLA and SLS model.

The tolerance

General SLA and SLS product wall thickness of 0.3 mm, lateral deviation of 0.1 mm.After some post-processing can easily achieve the required finer tolerances.Please refer to our tolerance guidelines, and detailed introduce our manufacturing capability and the application of plastic materials.

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